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I am positive you guys are rocking and rolling, passionately on fire, on our journey towards emotional fitness. How can we achieve this goal? By taking control of the way we use our physical body on a daily basis and by taking control of the focus of our mind. How? By using constructive questions that demand constructive answers. Now let’s look at today’s exercises. 

Nr.1: The powerwalk! Start by doing 3 Anchors. Start walking and imagine that you are the luckiest, happiest, most fortunate person on this planet. Everywhere you go, good things happen for you and everyone else. Everything you touch turns into gold and opportunity that will bring about more opportunities that will benefit everyone it affects. You are a force for good for yourself and others. Nothing can stop you! How would that feel? 


Now put it in your body! How would you walk, talk, move If you were absolutely certain that this was the truth about you? Put a confident smile on your face, breathe deep, stand up straight. Your chest is open, shoulders back. Now, move in an energetic way. Feel how that feels? Walk like this for 3 minutes 2 times today. It is necessary to persist for at least 3 minutes with this exercise because the nervous system needs some time to adjust the biochemistry in the body to affect our emotional state.  

Nr. 2: Sincere compliment. One of the easiest and most powerful ways to influence other people’s state for the better is to give an effective, sincere compliment. So today, let’s have some fun with this! Find something about every person you work with, something that you can appreciate and compliment them about it, but do it effectively! Here is how it’s done: 


  1. Find something you like, appreciate, and respect about the person. If you are having a hard time finding anything because of the feelings you associate with that person, ask yourself this mind-kung-fu-question: “If I really wanted to find something I like, respect, or appreciate about this person, what could it be?”. When you find it, you are ready for the next step. 

  2. Compliment with the sincere intention to make the person feel good about him or herself. 

  3. Justify the compliment by saying: “I say that because… I have seen you… heard about, noticed… etc.” and explain what is behind the praise. 

  4. Ask the person a question about the thing you just complimented him or her about. This will make the person stop for a while and actively focus on the compliment, which will help them own the compliment, and ignite strong positive feelings. 


Here is an example: You: Hi Bjartur, I just wanted to tell you I really like your curly blond hair. Me: oh, really… thank you, that was nice of you to say. You: I say that because it has excellent volume and I have noticed that you take good care of it. Me: hehe, yeah, I guess that’s true, thank you. You: Is there something specific you do to keep it this way? Me: Actually I…  


Do you see how this goes? If you don’t like someone or your relationship is stiff and strange, then look at it as the perfect opportunity to practice this technique and improve your communication. It is worth it!  

Have fun with this, and please keep thinking about what it will mean to become emotionally fit. What will it mean to be able to manage your state every time you wish to do so. How will it affect your life, and how will it affect the life of the people around you? 

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