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It’s day number two in our worthy mission which is to create the best place to work in Iceland and the whole world! I am positive everybody did yesterday’s exercises full out at energy level 10, right? Now stop for a moment and think how it affected your day and how you affected your coworkers. What was the difference compared to your normal day at work? Just give it a thought for a moment.

Today we are going to concentrate on our attitude towards work. Our attitudes are actually just feeling states which we have trained ourselves to generate when we think about a specific thing or when we are exposed to it in reality. Like our work, money, spiders, people, etc. There is a strange and magical thing about attitude. It determines how we treat other people and therefore, how other people treat us in return. So, in terms of attitude the phrase “what you give is what you get” is as true as possible! Whether we continually receive a smile, gratitude, anger, or pissed-off attitude from people is, to a large extent, determined by our own attitude. The world we experience is more or less a mirror of our attitudes. To find out our attitude towards our work, we can answer a simple question:

Would you say that people tend to react to you with a smile in a positive way at work? Do they greet you in a friendly manner when you meet? Your answer to this question says everything about your attitude toward your work

A great example of a person with an outstanding attitude is the famous Francesca, who works in Bónus. She looks at her job as a valuable gift which she is grateful for. To her, work is an opportunity to connect with people and to give of herself by smiling, showing interest, and caring for the customers. In return, she reaps great rewards like respect, gratitude, popularity, love and joy. She has been given computers to send to her family in Zambia so she can contact them through Skype.

The good news is that we are 100% responsible for our attitude at every moment and that means we can design our lives by maintaining an excellent attitude that literally attracts opportunities, makes it easy for us to be at our best, and to draw forth the best in others.

How can we do this? The most powerful way to build up an outstanding attitude is to take good care of our own emotional states. When we are in a great emotional state we tend to see the positive sides of people and circumstances. How do we do that? Through constructive physiology and questions!

We can reprogram our attitudes by training ourselves to ask and answer constructive questions constantly. Because questions and physiology immediately influence our emotional state and, therefore, our attitude. But remember, if you want long-term results, you need to use these distinctions consistently, just like anything else you want to master.

Exercises of the day:

Nr. 1: Do the Anchor 5 times in a row to keep the energy at level 10.

Nr. 2: Stand strong like a superhero or a proud Viking. In this physiology thing about questions like:


  •  What opportunities are here right now that I have not noticed?

  •  What can I learn from this right now?

  •  How can I influence the state of my friends, coworkers, and customers in a positive way?

  •  What might happen if I smile and greet people in a powerful positive way?

  •  How can I turn challenges like difficult customers, into opportunities?

  •  How can I become an outstanding employee today?

  •  What about my work can I be grateful for right now? What about that makes me grateful? How does that make me feel?

  •  What about my work can I be proud of right now? What about that makes me proud? How does that make me feel?

  •  What about my work can I be excited about right now? What about that makes me excited? How does that make me feel?


Nr. 3: Every time you meet someone, do the following:
1. Put a big smile on your face and make an eye contact
2. Think: I love you, I’m here to serve and make your life better!
This may sound corny but it absolutely works magic!

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