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Hi! Today we will focus on gratitude, one of the most potent emotions available to the human being. There are a lot of books about the power of gratitude; some even say that this feeling state can contribute a great deal to overcoming fatal illnesses. 

The thing about gratitude is that we cannot feel grateful and angry, frustrated, sad, unhappy, or stressed out simultaneously. In order to experience gratitude, we have to ask ourselves, “what can I be grateful for right now?” and come up with a pile of answers. If we mix this question with powerful movements, we will experience an ecstatic state of mind! And that is just what we are going to do.   


Exercise of the day:

Nr.1: Power-dance with a big silly smile while focusing on what we can be grateful for. Find a song/soundtrack that you love, and put´s you in a good mood. 


Do this through one song and ask yourself these questions “What can I be grateful for about my work?” and “What can I be grateful for in my personal life?” 


If you are not in the mood to do this or you are simply having a hard time finding something to be grateful for, then ask your self this mind-kung-fu question: “I know I don’t have anything to be grateful for at the moment but if I really wanted to feel grateful now for my work, what could I be grateful for?”. This trick really works because it lowers the guards of the mind. 


Throughout the song just stack up many grateful thoughts, including people, events, things, experiences, opportunities, and stuff from the past, the present, and the future. Make the good feeling as strong as possible for each thought by asking two questions: “What about this makes me grateful?” and “How does that make me feel?”. Then take a moment and really feel it. 


Nr.2: Find as many things as possible that you like about yourself! 


Start by doing 3 anchors to get the energy flowing. For 3 minutes, focus on this question: “What do I like about myself? You can use the mind-kung-fu trick if you are having difficulty doing this. Just find as many things as you can that you like about yourself and phrase it like this: 

“I like myself because…” and “I like myself because…” and “I like myself because…” and “I like myself because…” etc. Think about big things and the small; everything counts.


One of the master keys to prosperity, happiness, and achievement is our attitude toward ourselves. The beliefs we have about ourselves are critically important for all of our future successes. These believes create consistent patterns of feelings, decisions, and actions, thus creating habits, and it´s our habits that control our lives. If we believe we are great, we can become great! If we believe we are no good, we become just that. Our beliefs are just feelings of certainty about something, and they really affect our focus, emotions, decisions, and actions powerfully.  


That is why this exercise is crucial! Do this every day for the rest of your life, and it will work magic! Well… at least do it today and feel the effect. There are so many things that are great about each and every one of us. We just have to train our mind to focus on it, consciously at first, until it becomes an unconscious habit, a way of thinking. 

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