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Dear friends!


First, thank you for your active participation and great attitude at the seminar. You guys are great and deserve a big compliment! Now the next step is the five days challenge. 

The goal is to create the very best place to work! How are we going to do this? Everyone in the group will manage their mental state for the next five days and take full responsibility for maintaining their very best attitude. The key is to DECIDE to use our physical body and the focus of our mind to reap an outstanding emotional state. The exercises in this challenge are all about physiology, focus, and how we use our language. Here are the first three exercises: 

Nr. 1:  Throughout the next five days, think about these questions as often as possible. 

  • What can I do right now to achieve a great mental/emotional state?

  • What can I do right now to influence the mental/emotional state of the people I work with?

Then, come up with 1-3 answers and execute one of them instantly.


Nr. 2: Do the AKKERI five times in a row with full power in the morning, around noon, and in the afternoon or evening.


Nr. 3: Discuss what we learned and did at the seminar. How can we use this knowledge? When might it come in handy? Come up with a few empowering questions you could ask yourself regularly and some versions of energetic physiology you can use while working. 

As I said at the seminar, these techniques work every time people DO them, so you have to DO them in order for them to work. The power and intensity you put into the exercises will determine what you get out of them. 


Now I want you to make a clear decision about how powerfully, on a scale from 0 – 10, you will execute the exercises. If you believe you deserve the best that life has to offer, then I highly suggest you decide to do this at level 10 and give it you're all! There is a phrase I like a lot that goes: "Successful people DO what losers won't". This stuff is somewhat weird and unusual, but at the same time, it's FUN and with it comes a huge opportunity to change our life for the better because an outstanding emotional state can change everything! 


Here is a link to Steindi Jr.'s video about the frustrated guy. We do not want to end up like him by letting our emotional state depend upon circumstances or how other people act. We are in charge, and that is f-ing great! 



(the video is in Icelandic, but I want to share it anyway) 


If anybody has any questions, then please get in touch with me :) 

Have fun and enjoy the day.

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